"The Power of Legacy''

5 OUT OF 5

Brief Description:
The Power of Legacy will give you the tools and the methods to help you build a business and a family legacy that can last for generations. It takes special skills to connect an entire family into the workplace effectively. This is the manual that will show you how.

"The Power Of
Respect In Business"

4.8 OUT OF 5

Brief Description

The book captures lessons learned from those of us who have experienced the practical application of leadership over time. From those lessons you will be able to learn what I call the 8 secrets of effective leadership and achieving desired results faster.

By sharing these lessons, you will be able to accelerate the learning process for those in leadership or aspiring to leadership roles and provide them the mentoring that will help them to be successful sooner in their careers.


While this book does an excellent job in identifying why respect is essential to productive teamwork, it goes much beyond that endeavor in providing critical best practices for optimal management of an enterprise. Very effective processes are provided for optimal team management, financial analysis, and the what, whys , and hows of tackling challenges…under the umbrella of instilling respect even under tense situations. What makes this book even more credible, are the inputs of several CEOs and other experts on these key subjects so the reader can look at real life situations vs just theories. This is a short ,must-read , practical guide for new senior executives, and those experienced execs who need to build more dynamic organizations .

It is refreshing to see someone provide business leaders a highly achievable roadmap to sustained success. Many leaders fail to appreciate that how results are obtained is as important as the fact that you are successful in the first place. On a daily basis, understanding your emotions and how they impact you and your ability to get things done is an overlooked aspect of success. In terms of communication and listening, far to often leaders ask their people to do things that are extremely difficult or to change without conveying the underlying reasons driving the request and listening to the feedback about how it affects the organization. If you understand and follow the RESPECT principles you will find that your team and organization are more united, more motivated and ready to support the challenges that you will confront.                                                                                                     

Your Business"

4.4 OUT OF 5

Brief Description

This is a book about business intelligence and analytics. Unlock the meaning of your data with QlikView. The Qlik platform was designed to provide a fast and easy data analytics tool, and QlikView Your Business is your detailed, full-color, step-by-step guide to understanding Qlikview’s powerful features and techniques so you can quickly start unlocking your data’s potential. This expert author team brings real-world insight together with practical business analytics, so you can approach, explore, and solve business intelligence problems using the robust Qlik toolset and clearly communicate your results to stakeholders using powerful visualization features in QlikView and Qlik Sense.


This is an excellent resource for anybody professionally serious about QlikView. The book is well organized and goes deep into subjects like data modeling, U/I optimization, and advanced functions. Where other books delve moderately, this book is unafraid. Oleg, Tammy, and Charlie make sure you understand the business context of their examples, but do not get bogged down with it. The differentiator is their complete and detailed explanations of Qlik functions and methods PLUS why and when they are best used. Of the 5 Qlik books I own, this is definitely, unquestionably the best.

This text follows a clear, logical approach: it begins with the basics and slowly introduces more complicated concepts. Therefore, most people willing to work their way through this book will find it comfortably challenging but never a struggle. Now, the text itself covers the “four main parts of BI development”: 1.) business case, data modelling, data loading script, and building validation.. The authors genuinely worked to create a text that is not there is impress the reader but to teach him/her. This is genuinely refreshing.

Every aspect of this text is polished (down to the concision of the overall text). It reads with ease, the concepts are easy to follow (as a result of the authors’ talents), and the scenarios are especially effective. Do give this text a chance if you are seeking more information on QlikView and business analytics.

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