Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping family owned businesses make lasting improvements that benefit both the business and the family.  We work to inspire generational passion by developing the next generation of leaders to help family business owners build their legacy.

Company Founder
and Partners

Founder, Managing Director

Charlie Leichtweis is the founder of Experts in HOW and a 30 year business veteran with a strong track record of success at some of America’s best known companies. His experience as a CEO and serving on the board of a prominent family owned-business inspired him to create Experts in HOW to help family businesses establish the high level of governance, leadership development and generational engagement that can preserve their wealth and ensure their success for generations.

He is the author of several books including THE POWER OF LEGACY IN FAMILY BUSINESS and host of the internationally recognized podcast THE POWER OF RESPECT PODCAST. Charlie is a sought after speaker and has spoken to groups across America and around the world. He specializes in topics related to Family Owned Business.


Stephanie Leichtweis is a highly accomplished CEO with more than two decades of experience leading several top American companies to success. She is experienced in running all aspects of business, including sales, marketing, product development. As a partner on the Experts in HOW team she brings a unique ability to evaluate every aspect of a business with a keen eye and provide current best practices for solutions and improvements. Her decades of experience across both B2B and B2C have made her an expert in solving today’s most complex business problems

Stephanie’s experience is complemented by her superior people skills. She is expert at developing processes and programs that provide continuous improvement to high potential employees. She is adept at navigating family dynamics and bringing the proper experiences and training resulting in more skillful and efficient workgroups. Stephanie earned a BA in Liberal Arts from Colgate University, New York and is fluent in French, proficient in Spanish and conversant in German.


Sherri Brennen is a 5 time Emmy Award-winning writer and producer who specializes in helping businesses develop clear, workable digital strategies designed to support revenue and business goals.


Rick is a former broadcast executive having served as General Manager for TV stations in Charlotte, NC and Norfolk, Va. He rose up the ranks to become Sr. VP for Belo Broadcasting


Sherry Winn is a two-time Olympian and National Basketball Coach of the Year. She is the best selling author of Winning Leadership: Seven Secrets for Employee Champions and Sales Superstars.

Employee Comment

At Experts in HOW we understand that a family business is always evolving. We never take a cookie cutter approach. Our goal is to always find the best way to help both the family and the business achieve success for the long term - to help family business owners create their legacy.

At Experts in HOW we understand that blending business and family is not always easy. We always work to help clients build a strong successful business that serves the unique needs of their family.

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