Large international automotive manufacturing supply company serving every major automotive company in North America

Procurement diagnostic and transformation project

HOW We Helped

  • Document current practices
  • Document an assessment of organizational effectiveness in the areas of:
    • Strategic sourcing concepts
    • Strategic sourcing implementation
    • Supplier management
    • Procurement tools and technology
    • Supplier/market analytics
  • Conduct a forensic procurement spend diagnostic
  • Developed a strategic procurement transformation plan including:
    • Train the various business divisions on the strategic sourcing best practice seven steps methodology
    • Conduct workshops on the seven-step methodology with spend diagnostics using actual company data to categorize and characterize spend data in a format used by the company to execute various procurement strategies.
    • Established the case and framework for a center-led strategic sourcing function to oversee and support the nine business divisions
  • Assisted in the search of candidates for Vic President Sourcing
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